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Independence Day was a new Invention

Posted in Declaration of Independence, Freedom by Tom Levers on July 3, 2012

Independence in the US was a Social Movement.

No single act in world history had the miraculous impact of the American Revolution. Although only directly pertaining to two political bodies, the empire of Great Britain and the British American Colonies, the chain of events that the American Revolution sparked changed the world forever.

Never before had a large communion of dependent people of a foreign power, come together to achieve the seemingly impossible dream of unified people through social and political independence. Through extensive deliberation and debate, 53 people came to the conclusion that American Independence from Great Britain was no longer a want; but was now a necessity. It is these 53 people, all having different feelings, opinions, and convictions, which forged the first successful separation of one group of people.

American history today more or less is told that most inhabitants of the American Colonies wanted their independence from Great Britain. However, this is most definitely not the case. “When the Second Continental Congress convened in May 1775 few delegates supported complete independence from Great Britain.”  Admittedly, men such as Adams, Franklin and Hamilton had already decided independence was the only solution to this conflict.

The independence movement did not exist before these people created it… it now has grown so that many do not know it’s origins or even understand what it looks like. It now has emerged as a modern social movement, adopted in part by people around the globe.

Independence is a theory of perceived “Truth” that was core to those 53 people’s consciousness.  The Philosophy of the day came earlier from Plato, John Locke, Cicero’s, Samuel Rutherford, all were influential on the American founders. But the genius of a Social Movement to drive the definition of  freedom, has been defined by this Invention of Thought for all humanity to remind us of these simple words on paper… a definition of Independence is global…  the genesis was the 1776 invention called the Declaration of Independence.

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