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Pro Bono Your Expertise

Posted in BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, MARKETING by Tom Levers on May 3, 2009

will-code-for-htmlThere is a Shortage of Marketing and Software Professionals in the Non-Profit Arena

Nonprofit organizations could use more pro bono support during this deep recession, but neither charities nor corporations are taking the right steps to encourage more volunteer consulting,  cites the 2009 Deloitte Volunteer IMPACT Survey.

Nearly 40 percent of nonprofit leaders who responded to the survey said they will spend $50,000 or more on outside Marketing / eCom / Web Site development this year, but nearly a quarter of the respondents have no plans to use skilled volunteers or pro bono support in any capacity in 2009.

The survey was commissioned by Deloitte LLP, a consulting firm, and is based on online interviews with 300 corporate executives and 360 nonprofit executives. The charity leaders had previously applied for pro bono support from the Taproot Foundation, which promotes pro bono service by business professionals.

Aaron Hurst, the Taproot Foundation’s president and founder, said charity leaders typically think of pro bono services in the legal arena, but he noted that charities could save thousands of dollars by seeking skilled volunteers to help in other areas.

The organization’s Pro Bono Action Tank lists 76 types of pro bono projects, including developing a Web site, redesigning facilities, and creating a training program for employees.

If you are interested in learning more about Pro Bono Projects make a comment and I would be happy to direct you to many different organizations.